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Your Trusted Guide to Car Dismantlers in Ireland

Irelands Guide to Car Dismantlers, Breakers Yards & Scrap Yards throughout Ireland

With the ever growing quantity of cars on Irish roads and the vast range in cars now available, it has resulted in a huge demand for new, used and reconditioned car parts. Thanks to search engines such as Google, people are now taking the time to research and find the car part they require, ensuring that they receive the best quality part for the best price.

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As a result, car dismantlers are in high demand, with many of them running successful, reliable businesses throughout Ireland. Many of these companies specialise in all areas including a vehicle disposal service, second hand car parts sold, scrap car collection. 

However, like any business, there are companies out there that may not be as reliable as others so at we wanted to list the top established car dismantlers in each county throughout Ireland.  

This gives customers the opportunity to search car dismantlers from the comfort of their own homes, hunt down the best parts and available deals to suit your needs and budget.

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Top Rated Car Dismantlers in Dublin and Surrounding Areas:

Top Rated Car Dismantlers in Cork and Surrounding Areas:

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Why use an Auto Dismantler?

One of the best ‘tricks of the trade’ in the Auto industry, is recyclability. When your vehicle is no longer driving on the Irish roads, on average 80% of its parts can be salvaged – and this is where auto dismantlers come in.

Auto recycling statistics more than 25 million tons of reused vehicle material is reused each year, saving great many barrels of oil a year to make new or substitution automobile parts. This makes car parts the most reused shopper item on the planet. Why purchase brand new parts when you can get magnificent used parts for your car, van or truck? Auto Dismantlers are putting forth a valiant effort to reduce the waste and keep on growing more earth-accommodating vehicles.

End-of-life vehicle proprietors and people on the quest for secondhand and used parts, most particularly for vintage vehicles, will search for reputable auto dismantlers throughout Ireland for the part they’re searching for!

Car Dismantler checking engine of car

What exactly is a Car Dismantler?

Auto dismantlers purchase or sell cars, primarily cars that are beyond repair or insurance write-offs. Their main aim is to strip the car and see what parts are perfectly fine and fit for re-selling. This is a very detailed and professional assessment to decide parts that merit saving, which normally covers everything from headlights to suspension pieces. Usable parts will then be tested restored and sold to people looking for these parts.

Car dismantlers also have an important job in the safe and proper disposal of hazardous coolants, oils and other fluids from cars.

Good reputable car dismantlers may also supply high-quality auto parts to wholesale and retail customers at a fraction of the cost of its brand new counterparts.

What can you get form bringing your car to Auto Dismantler?

There are two main reasons as to why you’d go to a car dismantler. You are either looking to sell your old car for money or you are looking for used car parts to save yourself from having to spend a lot on a new part.  Sourcing car parts this way will not only save you a few euro but it is also better on the environment.

Most of the car dismantlers will help you source the part you need and have it ready for you to collect. Remember, it is important to always check out the history of a company to ensure you are dealing with people who will do the job right. Why not Google the company and check their reviews. We have tried to detail some of the top rated car dismantlers on this site. Safe shopping, whether you’re looking to scrap a car or find a quality used part.  

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